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Stacy Cruz and Sofia Lee are all dressed up and ready to play. They know that Angelo Godshack will join them eventually, but why wait to get their party started? Approaching, the girls rub their hands and bodies together as they slowly remove their dresses. As they reveal their matching bras, the girls take turns licking their nipples through the sheer fabric before fingering and shaking those gorgeous tits. The nudity continues as the girls move into the bedroom. Sofia finds herself braless first, but Stacy isn't far behind. The girls are settling into their titty play when Angelo walks into the room. He takes a moment to appreciate the view before him, then walks over to the bed where the girls welcome him with open arms. Working together, Sofia and Stacy manage to cut Angelo open. s shirt and take off his pants. Her hands run right up to her penis, stroking and stroking as they continue to work together. Pushing Angelo back onto the bed, Stacy seeks out a blowjob while Sofia climbs higher on Angelo's body so he can move her big tits. Eventually, the girls trade places so Angelo can feast on Stacy's breasts while Sofia offers a hot titty fuck. When the girls finally get around to enjoying her pussy, Sofia takes the first turn with Angelo's cock. She jumps on board in reverse cowgirl and starts bouncing. Balancing her thighs over Angelo's face, Stacy plants her pussy at just the right height for Angelo to put his tongue to work licking that slick pussy. The girls trade places so Sofia can ride Angelo's tongue while Stacy takes him for a cowgirl ride on her. tight pussy The girls are facing each other, which makes it easy for them to exchange kisses while enjoying Angelo. When they get off the dick, it's so Stacy can nestle on top of Sofia to create a double stack of doggy style pussy for Angelo to pound. Sofia is face up below. Her thighs are spread wide to accommodate Angelo between them as he re-enters her juicy shit hole. Meanwhile, Sofia gets on top of Sofia's face so she can plunge her tongue into her girlfriend's tender pussy. leaning forward, Stacy makes Sofia's experience even better as she licks her girlfriend's clit in a 69 that comes with the added delight of Angelo's continual thrusting. In one last change, the girls place Stacy in the middle on her hands and knees. Angelo goes back to work on Stacy's juicy pussy. Sofia gets one last pussy eating while Stacy works her tongue on her lover's trimmed muff. The girls only have time for Stacy to climb Sofia's body before Angelo dumps her load on Sofia's huge naturals so her friends can taste them.

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