See video clip of Kyler Quinn. Step Sisters School Uniform

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Rion King is minding her own business playing video games when her stepsister, Kyler Quinn, knocks on her bedroom door. Kyler is trying to seduce her stepbrother, so he's dressed in her school uniform and now he's here to ask her to help make him sexy. Despite Kyler's brazen request and equally obvious attempts at flirtation, Rion is adamant that he shouldn't be doing something like this with his stepsister. Kyler leaves, but his determination only grows. He takes the time to make his uniform sexy on his own, then returns to Rion's room to see the results of his efforts. Rion is impressed by his sexy stepsister and doesn't feel like resisting his advances anymore. When Kyler puts a high heel on her bed and lifts her shortened miniskirt to reveal her panties, Rion can't take her eyes off her pussy. Kyler pushes Rion down, and when he doesn't resist, she climbs on top of him and presses her hands to his chest and her buttocks to her erection. Once she senses how much Rion wants her, Kyler unbuttons her shirt and pulls her boobs out of her bra so Rion can see her assets as he kisses her body to begin sucking. Sucking on Rion's balls and licking and sucking his way up and down the shaft, Kyler prepares his stepbrother for a good, hard woody. She slides back and removes her panties so she can tease him with her dripping pussy before sinking into her cock. Seeing her stepsister riding hard on her boner is too much for Rion. He turns Kyler around so he can spank and spank her while she continues the party. She then helps Kyler to his hands and knees so she can give him the rough pussy penetration they both crave to the fullest. Kyler loves every moment of it as she swings back to meet each of Rion's punches. She turns around and looks at him with wide eyes through her glasses as she begs Rion to keep fucking her. He does as she is told, only pulling back to explode over Kyler's glasses in a facial that is everything Kyler has been dreaming of.

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