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Raúl Costa is enjoying some time on the couch watching TV when Alice Wayne sneaks into the room behind him. She sneaks up behind her boyfriend, letting her eyes take him in. Reaching forward, she covers her eyes in a sensual way to get Raul's attention and at the same time let him know exactly what she wants. Raul is instantly aroused and willing to play Alice's game. . He leans back for a kiss, then gently guides Alice to the front of the couch where he fills her palms with the reward inside her bra. He releases her from the strip of cloth and lets her breasts bounce freely so he can squeeze them and caress her nipples hard. Alice finds herself sitting on Raul's lap as her big hands run down his smooth body. When they settle between her thighs, she lets her head fall back in pure feminine bliss. Raul takes advantage of her, laying Alice down on the couch and freeing her from her lingerie so he can put his fingers and tongue to work feasting on that creamy pussy. Alice wants the D, but she deviates from her ultimate destination for Raul's fuck stick by taking it in her mouth first. Her blowjob is sweet as she moves her head, absorbing as much of the big cock as possible. of Raul. Meanwhile, her hands explore Raul's cock and balls with content strokes before she pulls back and rubs the head of his stiff all over his tits. Finally, Raul gets a chance to sink his balls deep into the soft smoothness of Alice's creamy snatch. He takes her on her back, sliding deep into her slippery heat. Raul then gently changes her positions so that Alice is sitting astride her hard cock with her back against her chest. Rolling over on Raul's lap, Alice continues to ride him in long, steady strokes. She is so well endowed that her boobs move on Raúl's face, inviting him to take them in his big hands and suck on her nipples until they harden. She continues to explore those palm-moving delights of hers as they switch things up once more for Raul to spoon Alice as they pound. Getting down on her knees, Alice invites Raul back inside her juicy pussy until he draws her in. to the final peak of pleasure. While her body throbs with happiness, Alice kneels again to suck Raul off until she reaches the same precipice. He comes out of her mouth just in time to cover her big tits with a cumshot that leaves them both smiling.

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