18+ Skylar Vox video stream. Teach me about sex

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Skylar Vox has just been dumped because her boyfriend thinks she's not good in bed. She's pissed off since she was a virgin before she dated that guy and no matter what she offers to try and get better, she's still single. A while later, Skylar corners Tony in her room and tells him her version of her story. She needs some persuasion, but Skylar convinces Tony to help her learn how to fuck like a pro. Once Tony commits, she instantly gets to see more of her busty stepsister's hot body as she pulls up her shirt and brings out those puppies. Tony's first lesson for Skylar is how to suck dick. He instructs her in deep throating for some sloppy BJ and lots of ball sucking. Skylar learns to put those big jugs together for a titty fuck. She then gets down on her knees so Tony can pat that ass and enjoy the way she looks in a thong. When he rolls her onto her back and removes her shorts and underwear, Skyler is nice and wet for him and she's so eager to take a big cock between her thighs. Leading Skylar on an intimate journey, Tony shows her steps in all kinds of sexy. positions. He gives it to her on her back as her big breasts move. He then brings her to her knees with her face against her sheets so he can fuck her from behind. After making Skyler suck her own juices from his cock, Tony climbs on her back and teaches her how to ride her D's in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She ends her affair with another round of blowjobs that ends with a big cumshot in her mouth to swallow.

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