Aiden Ashley MP4 video. Moment Of Passion

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Scarlet Skies is just waking up when Aiden Ashley decides to join her for a good morning. Dressed in sheer lingerie to match her bra and her thong, Aiden struts across the room and stands behind Scarlet. Turning around, Scarlet takes the full impact of her girlfriend's attire as they exchange sweet little touches that only light her fire even more. By the time Aiden pulls Scarlet in for a French kiss, Scarlet's nipples are nice and hard, a testament to her wanting. They continue her slow seduction of each other, slowly joining her arms and legs. When Aiden gets closer to Scarlet's pussy, Scarlet gives the best she's getting and pulls Aiden's thong aside from her to masturbate her girlfriend at the same time. Always the instigator, Aiden finally takes charge of Scarlet's pleasure. She really goes to work on Scarlet's snatch, rubbing her girlfriend's clit and dipping her fingers inside to get them really wet. Finally, she makes her way between Scarlet's thighs, licking and kissing her way down Scarlet's body to get there. Once he arrives, Aiden explores Scarlet's meaty cunt with her fingers and her cunt in slow, deliberate strokes of her tongue. Scarlet can do nothing but drop her head back and her moans are long and loud. Aiden plays Scarlet like a musical instrument, eventually backing off so she can go back to work with her talented fingers. With Aiden's finger fucking her and Aiden's other hand rubbing her clit, nothing could stop Scarlet's inexorable orgasm. As she descends from her own pleasure, Scarlet is determined to give the same amazing feeling to her girlfriend. Aiden obediently rolls onto his stomach with his ass in the air, leaving Scarlet a long line to lick her tongue. Scarlet makes sure to stick her fingers in the fun as she takes her time feasting on Aiden's cream-filled snatch. She won't give up until Aiden's tanned hips move with the force of her passion. Scarlet returns to her back with Aiden lying on top of her. The position is almost a 69, but it puts Aiden much more into Scarlet's power than the other way around. Eventually, Scarlet really does take hold of her, hooking her arms around Aiden's thighs to hold her in place while she works her talented tongue. With Scarlet still on her back, Aiden gets off and presses her pussy against his girlfriend's. Tribbing is sweet for both of you, hitting all the right places. With their mutual undulations, it's not long before the scissoring pays off with orgasmic results that are the perfect ending to their sexual romp.

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