Home video with Penelope Kay. The stepsister always gets what she wants

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Joshua Lewis has a serious grudge against his stepsister Penelope Kay. He thinks she is self-centered and spoiled. When he tries to confront Penelope about getting everything he wants, Penelope tells him that he is wrong. He goes on to detail the scenario that would unfold if he really did get everything he wants: a world in which Joshua is happy to serve at his beck and call. Penelope's first requests are pretty simple, things like giving her a bath and rubbing her feet. However, when Penelope tells Joshua that she's horny and that she doesn't want to wait for a booty call, things take a sexy turn. She asks to see Joshua's cock and then calls it a little small. When Joshua says it's because it's not hard yet, Penelope flashes her tits and tells him to get hard. It takes a bit of persuasion, but Penelope finally convinces Joshua to come over and fuck her. Covering Penelope where she lies with her thighs spread, Joshua slides him inside. He pulls back long enough for Penelope to suck the juices from his cock, then turns her around and gives it to her doggy style. Penelope's moans are loud and proud as she gets her booty slapped and her pussy pounded. Climbing onto Joshua's lap, Penelope rides her stepbrother in reverse cowgirl. She won't stop until she's pushed Joshua to the limit and then creampied his cum. As Penelope gloats about what life would be like if she had everything she wanted, Joshua learns that his insanely hot stepsister doesn't really use birth control.

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