Adult trailer aboard Janice Griffith. Sex game

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Van Wylde is lucky enough to enjoy the charm that plucky little teen Janice Griffith has to offer. She first tastes her lush breasts, but soon her wandering hands and mouth have moved to her rounded bottom. Janice wants in on some of the oral action from her, which leads her to wrap her swollen lips around her stiff Van to suck him off. Her happy moans are muffled by Van's cock, especially as she takes him as deep as she can go down her throat. Getting up on her hands and knees, Janice offers her creamy pussy for Van to take. He slides deep into the balls, enjoying the feel of Janice's tight snatch around her before she begins to pound. Janice flips onto her back just in time for Van to bring her to a climax that leaves her spilling her pleasure everywhere. When he continues to pump, she cums again with similar results. Climbing onto Van's lap, Janice positions herself and then slides down until she's completely impaled. Once Van is balls deep in her fuck hole, she begins a lustful, stiff ride that leaves her generous tits bouncing and her breath coming out in happy gasps as she works toward a final fit of ecstasy. Only then does she drop back to her knees and use her hands and her sweet mouth to push Van over the edge as well. When she can't hold back anymore, Janice guides Van's erection to explode on her breasts to leave her squirting and satisfied.

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