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Matty and Bernie enjoy a quiet day together, with Matty on the couch and Bernie in the kitchen. Bernie brings Matty chocolates as he hides a second package behind his back. When Matty has tasted the chocolates, Bernie takes out the other box. This contains a dildo that Bernie is ready and willing to try on Matty right here, right now. Putting the chocolates aside, the girls get to work having fun. Playing with the toy across Bernie's breasts is the first thing Matty decides to do before locking lips with his lover. The kisses turn into caresses as the girls exchange the toy with each other so they can tease and tease each other in addition to their hands and mouths. Bernie is the first to give up his shirt so Matty can pat his perky tits. Matty's shirt follows Bernie's to the ground, and then the girls resume their make out session. Gradually, Matty backs Bernie up so he can kneel between his girlfriend's thighs. Leaning forward, she buries her face between Bernie's thighs and gets to work feasting on her love's pussy. Taking his time, Matty makes sure Bernie is well soaked before taking the toy and teasing Bernie with it. She urges Bernie to get on his hands and knees, and then finally pushes the dildo in. Her position allows Bernie to rub her own clit while Matty fucks her from behind her, creating a maelstrom of decadent pleasure. Rolling onto her back, Bernie lets her head fall back as Matty continues to fuck her with the dildo. The moment his hips stop moving, Bernie flips Matty over. He removes the brunette's thong and then helps Matty onto the couch. Kneeling under Matty, Bernie takes a decadent sample of that dripping naked pussy before placing Matty back on the couch. Another pussy lick ensures that Matty is soon moaning in sheer orgasmic bliss.

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