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Exuberant Russian babe Ani Blackfox heads to her backyard pool totally naked so she can enjoy the warm day. Slipping into the water, she paddles until she notices Matt Denae watching her dive naked. When she gets out of the pool, Matt hands her a towel and then leads her into the shade so they can take advantage of the pool furniture while they share long, slow kisses. He gently lifts one of Ani's legs so her foot rests on it. on a chair and her pussy is open, Matt presses her hand to the heart of her desire. Her fingers slide easily up and down Ani's slick slit, spreading her cream everywhere before sliding inside her. With two fingers buried deep in Ani's pussy, Matt gently guides her back onto the couch so he can dip his head in and work her clit with his stiff tongue. Though Ani could let Matt feast on her pussy forever, she's not about to leave him without some oral pleasure. She urges him to sit on the couch so she can grab the root of his cock and stroke it while she sucks his head. Her strokes are long and firm as her head moves lower and lower until her blowjob is a deep throat delight. Urging Ani to stay on her hands and knees, Matt walks around the couch to stand behind her. From that position it's easy to slide to the bottom while he takes her doggy style. Placing his hands on his hips, he delivers long, sure thrusts that fill her to the brim and leave her gasping for more. Rolling onto her back, Ani lifts one leg to rest on Matt's shoulder. This new position gives Matt a different angle of penetration that elicits moans from each of them. He continues to bring her to a great climax, never stopping as Ani arches her back in delight. Taking a seat on the couch, Matt pulls Ani back until she is fully impaled on her cock with her back against her chest. Ani knows exactly what to do, lifting and swaying her hips in a sensual rhythm that brings her to a second climax that makes her tits quiver. Moments later, Matt loses control as he fills Ani's twat with a creampie of cum that drips in a hot stream of love.

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