Tube Sex aboard Jenna Reid. (Friend, Rodriguez, Mentions)

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Jenna Reid and her friend Katya Rodriguez are hanging out when Jenna mentions that she lost her voice at a concert. Nothing has helped so far, but Katya has an idea: swallow cum. Jenna's boyfriend is out of town, so Katya hurries to call Lucas Frost to ask him to help her stepsister. Lucas agrees to donate some semen to the cause, but Jenna insists that Katya should be the one to take charge. Taking things step by step, Katya shows Jenna what to do. Soon, Katya has Jenna sucking Lucas off, but even with two girls taking turns sucking him off, it's not enough for him to climax. Katya urges Jenna to sit on the couch on her hands and knees. After helping her friend take off her shorts, Katya caresses Jenna's tits while Lucas takes her doggy style. That's the perfect position for her so she can't see her stepbrother's as she fucks her tight teen pussy. Now that Jenna has learned how much fun fucking her stepbrother can be, Katya can finally get into the action. She starts by planting her bare hole in Jenna's face so her friend can eat it out. She then trades places with Jenna so she can enjoy Lucas's charms while she feasts on Jenna's pussy. When Jenna gets another round of pleasure from Lucas's fuck stick, she finally gets to the point where she can't hold back anymore. He pulls out and ejaculates into Jenna's tea, which doesn't actually cure her sore throat.

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