Super trailer of Bonnie Dolce. Swap Family Gets Me Ready For The Big Date

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Nikki Nutz confesses to his swap sister Bonnie Dolce that he's going on a date tomorrow. He doesn’t know how to kiss, though, so Bonnie offers to help him learn. Sharon White walks in to see her swap kids making out and decides to get in on the fun.When Renato walks in on the rest of his swap family taking turns making out, he insists on seeing what the girls have taught Nikki so far. Then he tells Nikki he'll show him how it's done. Renato takes Bonnie aside to make out with her while Nikki continues to work his wiles with Sharon. When Sharon leans back and spreads her thighs, Nikki gets a lesson in pussy eating, too, while Bonnie gets to work on her cock sucking.Going back to the couch where Bonnie and Nikki are spooning and fucking, Bonnie leans forward so Renato can shove into her coochie. Then the girls swap partners so that Bonnie can take a doggy style pussy pounding as Nikki learns how to fuck in missionary. The guys take a seat side by side on the couch so that Bonnie can ride Renato in reverse cowgirl and Nikki can give it to Sharon in cowgirl. Turning around, the girls reverse their riding positions. They finish the guys off with Bonnie jerking Renato off and Nikki getting a handie from Sharon. The guys pop on the girls' faces, with the whole swap family declaring Nikki ready for his date.
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