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Mark Wood can't get enough of checking out his new stepdaughter, Leana Lovings. Leana is also pretty into her stepdad. When Leana wanders out of her room wearing the least possible clothing because the house is too warm, Mark gets an eyeful. Mark confirms that the AC is broken, so Leana takes a seat with him on the couch in what she claims is the coolest spot in the house.Leana is willing to let it ride, but Mark makes a comment about her shorts being a little bit skimpy. Leana counters back by telling her stepdaddy that she's bored and she wants to do something a little adult if he gets her drift. Mark already has chub for his hot stepdaughter so it's easy for Leana to crawl up to him and pop that stiffie out for a good blowjob. Mark's feeble protests melt away as Leana makes magic with her hot mouth.Mark comes back at Leana with a pussy licking that leaves her moaning. Then he pulls her on top to ride his hard dick as he squeezes her lush bottom. A doggy style romp is next up, and then Leana climbs back on top of Mark's fuck stick to bounce away in reverse cowgirl. Her adult fun isn't quite finished. Mark rolls Leana onto her back so he can dive deep into that creamy snatch until his stepdaughter is moaning. With a groan, he gluts her with a creampie, leaving Leana a load of cum to enjoy.
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