Sexual trailer with Charlie Dean. Hide And Seek

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Rika Fane has a brand new toy, and she can't wait to play with it. Dropping the towel that covers her hot body, Rika slips into a sheer lingerie getup that highlights her sleek figure. Then she takes her new dildo and sends a photo to Charlie Dean before sliding it in.Charlie is working from home when he sees the messages. He's confused, but Rika tells him she needs urgent help in the bedroom. Although he's drowning in work, Charlie goes to see what Rika needs. When she finally turns around to show off the tail, Charlie understands all too well.Letting Rika lead him to bed, Charlie shows some proper admiration of the tail. He kisses his way down Rika's back before finally settling between her thighs. She's nice and wet with excitement as Charlie pops the dildo out and puts his hand and tongue to work instead.Now that she has Charlie right where she wants him, Rika does some exploring of her own. She gets her lover on his back and pops his hardon from his pants. Stroking the root, she licks and sucks every inch of that fine erection before climbing on top of Charlie and sliding down to ride him in cowgirl.Their hardcore indulgence continues as Charlie spoons behind Rika and slides back home. Then Rika gets on her knees so that Charlie can plunge nice and deep to fuck her in cowgirl. Her moans tell a story of how much she loves it!Rolling onto her back, Rika hooks an ankle over Charlie's shoulder to open herself for him. He gives her everything, going balls deep until Rika throws her head back on a moan. There's just enough time for Rika to turn around and open wide before Charlie blows his load all over her face and glasses, just the happy ending she was hoping for.
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