Full stream video using Alexa Payne. Stepmom Gets My Dick While Shes Sexting

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Alexa Payne is on the phone talking dirty to her husband when her stepson, Jason, comes into her room. When he realizes that she's winding up to some sex talk, he decides to get in on that action. Even as Alexa shushes Jason with a finger to her lips, he wanders closer and squeezes those big boobies before sliding his hand lower.As Alexa continues to do her best to talk dirty to her hubby, Jason relieves her of her shorts. He finds her bald coochie nice and wet, perfectly ready to be fucked. Without further ado, he slides home and sinks balls deep into that creamy snatch.Knowing she can be as loud as she wants since her hubby has her fully engaged in phone sex, Alexa rolls onto her back, letting Jason hang on tight to her big bootay as he pounds er in doggy. He puts her on her back so he can sink back into that hot coochie for a few more strokes. When Jason is ready to pop, Alexa opens wide for a salty treat that leaves her licking her lips with a smile.
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