Diverse clip of Armani Black. Stepmom Gets A Full Body Massage

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Parker Ambrose is hanging out outside when his stepmom Armani Black joins him. She tells him that she's had a super stressful day and that she needs to cash in on a previous promise he made to give her a massage whenever she wanted. Parker reluctantly agrees, so Armani goes inside to get ready.When Armani enters Parker's bedroom, she's not wearing anything at all once she drops her towel. Parker tries to protest, but Armani swears his dad will never find out. That satisfies Parker enough to go ahead and cover his bigtit stepmom in massage oil. He begins, trying to keep his hands in the safe zone. That lasts all of a few seconds until Armani insists that he should give it to her pussy.Now that Armani has gotten her stepson where she wants him, she turns the tables on him. Popping his hardon out, she sucks him down and then climbs aboard to arch her back and ride him in cowgirl. Turning around, Armani lets Parker get handsy with that ass as she rides in reverse cowgirl. They move on to Armani enjoying Parker's cock between her thighs as she splays herself out on her back. Then she enjoys a doggy style dicking down as he finishes her off. When Armani is feeling better, she gets on her knees so Parker can finish himself off and give her a facial.
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